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We've been helping clients organize, preserve and protect their personal and business assets through estate planning since 1989.

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At Jeffrey R. Van Dyke, LLC, we provide the following legal services.

Estate Planning

It's impossible for any person without a legal and tax background to effectively plan an estate.  By the same token, it's impossible for a professional with a legal and tax background to plan an estate without a deep understanding of a client's goals, needs, and overall family and financial situation. 


Too often, inadequate communication prevents clients and estate planning professionals from properly coordinating the clients' desires with the laws that affect them.  We strive to ensure that this does not happen with our clients by spending considerable time analyzing the client's personal and financial situation.  We also make certain that our clients understand their legal options and are comfortable with the course of action they choose, prior to proceeding with an estate plan.


Our clients appreciate the fact that we make every effort to establish a clear plan for the work we will do and then establish an agreement about the fees we will charge.  In most cases, we are typically capable of establishing a flat fee arrangement at the conclusion of the initial client consultation.  Exceptions to this sometimes arise in situations where a client has an extensive estate planning history that must be reviewed and taken into consideration in the updated or new plan.

Business Planning

Owning and running a business can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  Thanks to ongoing regulatory changes and new court rulings, it has also become an increasingly complicated endeavor.  Don't be fooled by unprofessional companies without proper legal credentials who claim that they can give you adequate advice over the internet without even meeting with you!  You and your business deserve the advantages of the best in professional legal counsel.  This is what we provide.


Businesses, like individuals, can be at various stages of life and can require different types and levels of legal assistance.  Every business and business owner have unique issues that should not be addressed with a "one size fits all" so-called solution.  No matter what stage your business is in, we can provide you with comprehensive and custom tailored legal assistance.

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About Jeffrey R. Van Dyke, LLC

To put it quite simply, I help clients organize, preserve and protect their personal and business assets for the people they care about.  My philosophy is that by narrowing the scope of services offered, I can be very skilled in specific areas of practice. With constant changes in the law, especially in the estate, tax and business planning fields, it is very difficult for attorneys to be proficient in numerous areas of the law.  I limit my practice specifically to estate and business planning.  

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